The 25 Best Hangover Foods and Drinks

by 9 years ago


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Egg McMuffins

Greasy egg-and-cheese combo that is time-tested to, at the very least, ease the pain of one (or several) too many.


Alkaseltzer-like tablets actually invented by a Dartmouth Bro as his senior project to cure hangovers.


Same idea, refuel those electrolytes, Bros.


The greasier, the better. I can’t think of a bad time for fries, but when you are hungover, they are amazing.


Ditto. White Castle, Five Guys, whatever gets the job done.


A jolt of hot java should get you back in fighting form, but too much will dehydrate you and leave you with a raging headache that will make you want to kill someone. You’ve been warned.


Southern bros can especially attest — grits can help that hangover.

Mac and Cheese

Since Easy Mac may be the easiest thing in the world to make, this one is a no-brainer.

Cold Pizza

Here’s where you can applaud drunk you for getting that pizza at 4 a.m. in the first place, and passing out before you finished the whole pie.

Scrambled Eggs

They apparently provide something called cysteine, which breaks down hangover toxins from that “cost-effective” alcohol you and your bros chose last night. {pagebreak}


Breakfast Burrito

The more chorizo or bacon the better.


Potassium will try to heal some of the massive hurt you’re putting your liver through.

Ginger Ale

Keep it carbonated. Will keep you from booting in the middle of your morning classes.


An energy drink — sold in tablets and powder form — that aids in recovery and electrolyte replacement. As featured on “Entourage” recently.

Jimmy Johns Anything

As a Bro in the Brommunity put it: “Illinois’ gift to the world.”


Bloody Mary/Mimosa/“Hair of the Dog”

Because nothing will get rid of a hangover like more drinking.


Known as the multivitamin for those who drink alcohol. Apparently guaranteed to make you feel healthier following your late night of fun or your money back. Expect results.

Hot Pockets

There is no other time in your life where these unholy pockets of “meat” and “cheese” will be in any way delicious

Code Blue

Another “morning-after” drink for Bros. Ingredients should speed up recovery from your latest binge.


Not McButter. Or pancakes. Or French Toast. {pagebreak}


Tuna Melt

Hangover food of choice endorsed by the Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.


The water content should help with that blinding headache.

Cheese Steak

If you are anywhere near the Philly area and don’t try to get one of these bad boys when hungover, you have only yourself to blame.

DP Dough

“The Pizza Alternative”: calzones that apparently taste delicious, but only because they are clearly horrendous for you.

Cheesy Bread

Whenever the guy at Papa John's offers you a side order of Cheesy Bread for a couple extra bucks, do it. You'll be grateful in the morning.

We're sure we left off some of your favorites. Sound Off with them in the comments!