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  • The 50 Funniest fantasy Football Names for the 2010 Season. [Bleacher Report]
  • The Hottest Cheerleaders in the NFL. [Bleacher Report]
  • 10 unnecessary things that every QB does. [Guyism]
  • Does This Look Like The Face Of Jim The Anvil Neidhart Arrested For Dealing Meth and Oxycontin? [Barstool NYC]
  • 8 People You’ll Find at the Public Library. [Holy Taco]
  • Once You Make $75,000 a Year, Money Stops Buying Happiness. [Asylum]
  • The 7 People You See in Your Dorm Bathroom. [College Humor]
  • Boise State vs. TCU, cheerleader edition. [Holy Taco]
  •  Bacon And Pizza Soda is REAL. [Geekology]
  • Five More Heisman Winners Who Should Lose Their Trophy [Smoking Jacket]
  • The 20 Hottest Hot Tub Babes. [Heavy]
  • Buster Bluth’s “Hey Brother” Supercut. [Next Round]
  • Brittney McGraw handbra action. [Gorilla Mask]
  • The 30 Funniest Netflix Suggestion Fails. [Manofest]
  • VIDEO: Fan Takes Ball To The Head During Batting Practice. [Total Pro Sports]
  • VIDEO: Kids Spit The Dopest Rhymes. [Daily What]
  • Busty Brunette Lisa, Tess Taylor, Steffi De Greve And Kayden Kross. [DJ Mick]
  • The 50 Greatest Juke Moves in Football History. [Complex]
  • 5 Girls You Should Hook Up With in College… [School Philly]
  • The 23 Hottest Pro Tennis Players You’ve Never Heard Of. [COED]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt In Lingerie Sexy Again. [Celeb Jihad]
  • 5 things you shouldn't tell your new girlfriend. [Linkiest]
  •  21 Awesome Police Cars [Maxim]
  • A Night Out On The Town In England. [Ned Hardy]
  • 25 extremely lame knuckle tattoos [EgoTV]
  • VIDEO: No One Likes M. Night Shyamalan. We almost feel bad for him. [College Humor]
  • Top 5 Official Bonehead Sports Plays. [Unathletic]
  • This chick looks exactly like Kristen Stewart (PIC) [Unreality Mag]
  • This is the type of crazy stuff they find when they bust a Mexican drug dealer. [College Kegstand]
  • VIDEO: “I now pronounce you man &… Oh no, The wedding photographers are kicking the crap out of each other!” [Foundry Music]


  • 50 Hot Pictures of seriously cute girls. [Caveman Circus]
  • Dania Ramirez is a complete smoke show. [Maxim]
  • Ridiculously Sexy Candice Swanepoel Lingerie Pictures. [Popoholic]
  • Jwoww In A Bikini One More Time.  [Don Chavez]
  • Cute Girls Dressed As Mario Brothers. [Game Wad]
  • Blond Model Amanda S. Brown. [Uncoached]

Required Reading

  • 5 unfought wars that would have changed everything. [Linkiest]
  • Dating Tip #14: Be Honest Up Front [Evil Chili]
  • The Black Widow Eats 181 Wings In 12 Minutes To Beat Joey Chestnut [Barstool NYC]
  • thCuff ‘Em: UGA Police Arrest People Other Than UGA Footballers This Weekend. [Busted Coverage]
  • The Top 10 Oldest Animals on Earth. [Ranker]
  • Four Most Memorable Moments From College. [Holy Taco]
  • Patriots Fans Sue Jets Fans For Throwing Beers At Their Daughter, Lack Of Sex. [Busted Coverage]
  • 20 Best Textbook Pictures. [College Humor]
  • 7 Ways to Keep the Summer Spirit Alive. [COED]
  • An Amazing Action Photography Gallery. [Unreality]
  • Seven Must-See New TV Shows for Men. [Smoking Jacket]
  • VIDEO: Rally Car Driver Gets Mooned in New Zealand. [Double Viking]
  • 7 Things People Think Alcohol Does (But It Doesn’t) [Ego TV]
  • Ron Artest tapped to talk to kids about mental health issues… seriously. [F-Listed]
  • How Do The Most Successful Men Give Back? [Ask Men]
  • ‘Zombie 101′ will get Baltimore University students ready for the future. [Guyism]

Catch of the Day

  • From The Daily Mail via The Daily What:

    “It took Raphael Biagini ten minutes to reel the creature out of a lake in the south of France – moments after fellow anglers told him they had spent six years trying to snare the legendary ‘giant goldfish’.

    Mr Biagini, pictured, said: ‘To begin with, we couldn’t tell what was at the end of the line, but we knew it was big.

    ‘The fish was a good fighter, but not enough to win.' “


Victor Hanescu’s Trick Shot At The US Open of the Day

T-Shirt that Makes You Go “Hmmm” of the Day


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