The Daily Buzz for November 22, Presented By Sara Jaramillo

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Required Reading

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Review [Complex]
  • 5 Reasons Electric Cars will Disappoint [PTTM]
  • Worst 5 Cities to Find Work in Right Now [Vlad TV]
  • The 5 sexiest moments from the American Music Awards. [Clutch]
  • How to be a real man. [Art of Manliness]
  • The Jeremy Piven Hairline Theory. [EgoTV]
  • Holiday Movie Preview. [Bullz-Eye]
  • 10 Awesome TV opening credits sequences. [Gunaxin]
  • DiCaprio's new JFK Assassination movie. [Screen Junkies]

Funny, Random, Etc

  • Flight Simulator On a Budget [The Brigade]
  • Celebrities on the Subway [Monkey Mag UK]
  • Capturing a Moment in Time at a Train Station [Ned Hardy]
  • Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong [The Chive]
  • Every Ah-nold Scream…From Every Arnold Movie [The Fresh Roll]
  • 250 Introductions of 185 Characters, Groups & Things [Double Viking]
  • Top 11 Most Annoying People You'll See at Concerts [Brosome]
  • A New Twisted Men's Magazine [JAGT]
  • Best Sports Report I've Seen in a While [Uncoached]
  • Sweet Bicycle Kick [Ted Williams Head]
  • Being a Lions Fan [Manofest]
  • Best Handball Headshot You'll Ever See [Don Chavez]
  • Maybe Don't Get Your Kids These Toys [City Rag]
  • Who is the Biggest Drunk on TV? [The Frisky]
  • Courtney Love is Gross, Horny [IDLYITW]
  • Monster Man Works It [Big Smudge]
  • VIDEO: Drunk chick gets stuck inside a dryer. [F-Listed]
  • Seth Green, Pee Wee Herman, and Macaulay Culkin walk into a bar. [On Campus Drama]
  • A group of elementary-school students mock Lebron in poetry form. [Hot Clicks]



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