The Game Was Tired Of Justin Bieber’s Dick Being The Only One The Internet Talked About, Drops THE HAMMER



Feel free bros, to suddenly feel inferior about the size of your penis, because GOD LORD The Game has one gimundo penis.

He shared it to Instagram (at least the outline of it) and … fuck. Wow.

That’s a nice hog, dude.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go pretend that my dick is even a quarter of the size of that.

And remember bros. It ain’t the size of the boat, except in this case. Because The Game is packing a Steve Ballmer-type yacht.

WARNING: This ain’t safe for work, unless you work at the dick factory and are looking for new styles of humungo dicks to make.

WARNING 2: You are going to feel very, very ashamed of your own penis.

WARNING 3: It’s a dick. You’re about to look at a dick. A HUGE DICK.

Here you are.