‘The Lizardman,’ a Professional Freak with Teflon Skull, Split Tongue, Tells His Remarkable Story

by 8 years ago

Eric “The Lizardman” Sprague takes his life's work pretty seriously. After undergoing 700+ hours of tattoos, teeth filing, teflon implants, and a tongue-splitting operation, the Lizardman has reinvented himself as one of the more devoted performance artsits out there. This short documentary discusses how Sprague decided to become “The Lizardman,” his values and goals, and most interestingly, his commitment to craft.

Says Sprague, “you can paint a painting and walk away from it…you don't even have to see it again. But when your body is the medium, you must commit for a lifetime.” 

The video concludes with a visual clusterf*ck that is by no means for the squeamish. In the words of Sprague himself, this is just surreal. 

[H/T: ClipNation]

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