This Is The Most Expensive Home In America. It Has A 30-Car Garage. Look At It And Think About How Poor You Are.


If you’ve never driven along ‘Millionaire’s Mile’ on Florida’s A1A road then consider yourself fortunate that you’ve never had to see firsthand just how disgustingly wealthy some people are in this world. Millionaire’s Mile is a stretch of A1A, a coastal road on Florida’s East Coat, that runs between Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton. The houses on Millionaire’s Mile have views of both the intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean, and most of them are so massive they’d make Beverly Hills residents blush. Currently the #1 most expensive home in America is situated in the heart of Millionaire’s Mile, and it carries a price tag of $159 million.


YouTube / William P.D. Pierce


YouTube / William P.D. Pierce

The house features a wrought iron gate topped with actual 24-karat gold leaf. There are six waterfalls on the property. It has a 30 car garage…THIRTY CARS. There’s a 26-foot tall fountain out front…this just the outside. Once you step inside you see the 22-karat SOLID GOLD STAIRCASE…because that’s completely fucking necessary when you’re a billionaire. The house features a privately licensed IMAX movie theater, that way you’ll never have to watch movies with the plebeians of South Florida and can watch Avatar and The Dark Knight on repeat (because those are the only good IMAX movies).

The Most Expensive Home In America


YouTube / William P.D. Pierce


YouTube / William P.D. Pierce

As I mentioned before, this 11 bedroom, 17 bathroom mansion (4,500 square foot infinity pool) could be yours for the low low price of $159 million USD. The current median sales price of a home in America is $219,600, but why buy a cheap ass house like that when you could be living on Millionaire’s Mile?!


YouTube / William P.D. Pierce


YouTube / William P.D. Pierce

Above are some stills I captured from this YouTube video that showcases this absolutely OUTRAGEOUS mansion, one that only a few hundred people in the world can even conceivable afford.

The Most Expensive Home In America: Le Palais Royale

P.s., for those wondering why he says $139 million in the video and I have it listed at $159 million it’s because I’m using the stated price from the real estate listing, which is currently at $159 million.

A friend of mine C.H. actually ran the math on what the monthly mortgage payment would be and GOOD GOD:


For more on the most expensive home in America, Le Palais Royale, CLICK HERE to head on over to the Dupont Registry!

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