The Top 10 Embarrassing Athlete Endorsements, in Honor of Tom Brady’s New Deal with UGGs

by 8 years ago

Scottie Pippen for Mr. Submarine

Yup, we posted this video back in August when Scottie Pippen was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Despite the awkwardness of a lanky, 6'8″ small forward standing next to a gigantic sandwhich, how awesome is Pippen's “Ladies, Let’s Have a Party” pick-up line. Gentleman, take #33's advice and use that line this weekend.

Jim McMahon for Honda Scooters

There was nothing “Outrageousness!” about Jim McMahon leading 1985 Chicago Bears to a Super Bowl. Although we'd like to imagine the former Bears QB as a Harley owner who wouldn't be caught dead riding a Vespa down Michigain Avenue, this 1986 pitch for a crappy Honda scooter is downright embarassing. 

Jimmy Johnson for Extenz

Nothing like Coach Jimmy talking about ways to make his Johnson bigger.

Akinori Otsuka for Corky's Pest Control

Corky's Pest Control is located in San Deigo, where Japanese relief pitcher Akinori Otsuka formerly played set-up man before being traded to the Texas Rangers. We're a little baffled by his commericial value as a spokesperson for an exterminator company.

Joe Montana for Skechers Shape-Ups

Joe Montana is the proud owner of a winery and four Super Bowl rings, yet here he is as a spokesperson for the most ridiculous footwear product not named UGGs.


Larry Bird for Chardon Jeans

Here's Larry Bird at the spritely age of 26, modeling jeans and rocking out in an arcade with rollerskating mid-80s smoke shows.

Jonathan Ogden for Gebco Auto Insurance

Here's retired Ravens offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden dancing for a local Baltimore insurance company. The shuffle-step at the end is almost as embarassing as Cam Newton's lackluster skills doing the “Dougie.” 

Alex Ovechkin for Washington D.C.'s Eastern Motors

Most athlete car dealership commercials suck. Big time. However, judging purely on entertainment purposes, this one's pretty awesome. Ovechkin's pretty much a demi-god inside the Beltway, and hearing him sing and ask — in broken English, of course — for vodka shots during a commericial for a car dealership just ups the ante of his street cred.

Mike Ditka, Jim McMahon, William Perry, and Dennis Rodman for Silestone Bathtubs

Rub-a-dub-dub, this is what happens when four Chicago sports legends pitch bathtubs.

Joe Namath for Beautymist pantyhose

Here's the most similar publicity stunt to Brady's deal with UGGs: Broadway Joe plugging for Hanes' Beautymist pantyhose in 1973. Although the ad is about as feminine as it gets, you have to admire his swagger to pull off such a ballsy endorsement.

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