The Top 12 Cities for Bros to Live In After Graduation

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New York

New York’s dog-eat-dog, mile-a-minute lifestyle provides an ideal environment for most Bros. The City has the best restaurants, best jobs, best nightlife, and, of course, best women. Each neighborhood offers its own “type” of girl, from benefit hoppers on the Upper West Side to sorority girls with dad’s credit card in Murray Hill to Chelsea blondes looking to experiment, the diversity of babes in this city is absurd. It's a numbers game here, and the numbers don't lie.

Bro-worthy bars: Too many to name.

Washington, D.C.

This city may seem formal and overstuffed with overly ambitious political wannabes, but there are few greater places for a single Bro to live than Georgetown. If you can check your own Congressional aspirations at the door, the babes at staples like Rhino, Smith Point, and Third Edition will flock to you. If you’re sick of the college-type scene, head north to Adams Morgan or Dupont, other D.C. hoods with plenty to offer to Bros.

Bro-worthy bars: Gin and Tonic, Martins, and Black Fin.

San Francisco

San Francisco may not be the most Bro-centric city but it has its advantages. Bros in this city automatically get recognition from the hot, low-maintenance, West Coast babes, as the population of the Castro aids the Bro-to-babe ratio. San Fran is also known for its awesome Chinese and Mexican food, and for its proximity to weekend outdoor adventure: skiing in Tahoe, hiking in Yosemite, or biking up the NoCal coast.

Bro-worthy bars: The Cellar, Doc’s Clock, Blondies, and O’Reillys.


Austin is a young college town with a huge live music scene and incredible food. It’s hard to go a week, or even a night, without seeing some live show or going to town on the best burrito of your life. Sweet Southern girls who love to party line the streets. The Long Horns are life here, so when they win the town is a zoo.

Bro-worthy bars: The Speak Easy, The Hole in The Wall, Malverde, and 512 Bar.


This city has been climbing higher on Bros’ must-consider list faster than perhaps any other major city in the States, and not just because of the altitude. Chilled-out, laid-back babes who love to be outdoors are everywhere, plus it’s only two hours from Vail, an easy weekend trip, yielding many ski bunneys. Denver also boasts 300 days of sunshine, the most of any U.S city, resulting in maximum bronzeage. Another pro about Denver is the amount of microbreweries within the city limits. Want to be even closer to the Rockies? Boulder, while smaller and ultimately a college town, is a great alternative.

Bro-worthy bars: Churchill Bar, Gabor’s, Funky Buddha, and Jackson’s.


Atlanta is a huge sports town; the Braves and Falcons reign supreme. Atlanta is also the biggest city in the Southeast, so babes literally migrate here from all of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Northern Florida, and Alabama. All of the notable Buckhead bars are located in the same spot, so babe proximity on the weekends (and week nights) is out of control. Atlanta is not only home to Coke, but also to Sweet Water Brewery, a great local beer.

Bro-worthy bars: Churchill’s, East Andrews, Pool Hall, Red Door Tavern, and Park Bench.



Everyone is in their twenties, but particularly those involved in finance, Nascar, or one of the other big industries in Charlotte, live in the heart of downtown, the “epicenter.” Close proximity to the bars means you can leave the car in the garage, and since it’s the largest city in North Carolina, it pulls plenty of hot, small-town Southern girls. And, of course, North Carolina's vinegar-based, dank BBQ is some of the best in the country.

Bro-worthy bars: Whisky River, Dixie’s Tavern, The Dog Bar, and Bar Charlotte


Living on the water is amazing, especially when it’s South Beach. The club scene is absurd and there are countless tan, international babes waiting to grind with you or do the salsa. Also, the Bahamas and Everglades are an hour away, offering some of the best salt-water fishing in the world, as well as the golf courses, beaches, and tony club houses and hotels of Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

Bro-worthy bars and clubs: Mansion, Tantra, and Globe Bar.


The financial capital of Texas offers corporate babes with a touch of Texas in ‘em. Everyone loves the Cowboys here, including the babes; convert to America’s Team and you will surely catch the eye of a hard-body babe. Or maybe one of the cheerleaders. Dallas offers some of the best beef in the United States, so pack some steak knives in the UHaul.

Bro-worthy bars: Lee Harvey’s, Gingerman, Grapevine Bar, Zubar, and Library Bar.

San Diego

San Diego is irresistible. The weather and the waves are the ideal setting for any Bro to live. The babes are not afraid of the water and always sport a sweet tan. Tijuana is 15 minutes away and Cabo a little farther, where you can escape to for an afternoon or weekend of hedonism and debauchery. San Diego provides the perfect balance of work and play.

Bro-worthy bars: Aero Club, Hamilton’s Tavern, Catilina Lounge, Star Bar, and Bar Pink.


Boston is Sports Town USA and a haven for Bros — even if you don’t talk like every character Ben Affleck or Mark Wahlberg has ever played. Sam Adams, clam chowder, and Big Pappi: that is what Boston does.

Bro-worthy bars: River Gods, Silverstone, and Common Ground.


Even though the winters are brutal, the Windy City has much to offer. In fact, there may be no better city to spend a summer than Chicago, with Lake Michigan and Millennium Mile the focal points of non-stop summertime day chaying. Steak houses, Chicago-style pizza, and the famous Chi-town hotdogs represent this city’s unique food. And it’s all served up with a friendly helping of Midwestern charm.

Bro-worthy bars: Spoon, Hopeleaf Bar, Cullen’s, and Cans.

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