Happy New Year! Here Are the Top 60 BroBible Stories of 2010… Bottoms Up!

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Intern Tim's All-Day Newcastle Mini-Keg Review:

21. The 50 Hottest German Women

22. 20 Things You Should Never Google Image Search

23. The Top 50 Items That Should Be on Every College Student’s Bucket List

24. The Top 12 First-Person Shooters That Changed the Game

25. 10 Signs You Need to Drop Your Girlfriend

26. The 25 Best Hangover Foods and Drinks

27. The 100 Hottest Women of 'Entourage'

28. The 35 Hottest Celebrity Chefs and Cooking Show Hosts

29. The Top 20 Colleges to Attend for One Semester

30. The Top 25 Celebrities Who Have Defied Death

Ultimate Lax Bro 2:

31. The 55 Sexiest South African Women

32. The 20 Hottest WAGs to Grace the Pages of Playboy

33. Huge in Japan: 20 Japanese Models with Godzilla-Like Chests

34. Ole Miss Walk-on Terrell Brown is a 380 pound, 6'11″ Freak of Nature

35. Our 61 Favorite Viral Videos of 2010

36. The 15 Sexiest 3D Magazine Pictorials

37. Hot Russian Spy Anna Chapman Poses for Maxim Russia’s November 2010 Issue

38. Boyfriend Uses Netflix to Tell Cheating Girlfriend He Knows About Her Infidelity

39. 15 Professional Athletes Who Have Had Real-Life Kenny Powers Moments

40. 10 Volcanically Hot Girls From Iceland

Bert the Broker 1:

41. 40 Photos of Capri Anderson, Charlie Sheen’s Porn-Star Lover Who Called Hotel Security on Him

42. The 15 Hottest Australian Sports WAGs

43. The 20 Hottest Eastern Europeans and Beyond at the 2010 Winter Olympics

44. 40 Cougars Who Age Like Wine

45. The Top 10 White-Trash Major League Pitchers

46. Infograph: A Few Things You Might Not Know About 'South Park'

47. The 15 Hottest Chilean Babes the Miners Should Bang

48. 5 Keys to Hooking Up with Incoming Freshmen

49. Our 25 Favorite Photos From the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

50. Here’s a Video of Barely Legal 18-Year-Old Pop Sensation Miley Cyrus Doing a Bong Hit

38 Answers from Spring Breakers: How Do You Define a 'Bro'?

51. The Greatest Moments in the History of Natalie Portman’s Ass

52. The 15 Best Excuses to Get Out of Bed the Morning After a One-Night Stand

53. 10 Reasons You Wouldn't Want to Date Megan Fox, According to Megan Fox

54. The 15 Hottest WAGs of Billionaires

55. GALLERY: Lindsay Lohan's 26 Most Notorious Blackout Party Photos

56. Top 10 Gifts You Can’t Ask Your Parents to Get You for Christmas

57. The 25 Hottest Girls at the 2010 ESPYs

58. 10 Ways Technology Has Ruined Modern Men

59. Meet Ashley, a Penn State Four Loko Gal and Our Latest ‘Girl to Bring Home to Mom’

60. PHOTOS: The 30 Hottest Women at the 2010 Video Music Awards

Keep it Hairy:

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