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Some people smoke cigarettes after sex. Others people roll over and go to sleep, take a shower, or shotgun a beer. Increasingly often people are picking up their cell phones after their intimate liaisons and blasting away text messages to their friends. collects and publishes real sex stories that people text them before, during, or after sex. It's very simple to text. All you need is a cell phone and their number, which is surprisingly very easy to remember (even while intoxicated): 702-LAST-SEX. Since we thought BroBible readers might be fascinated by the idea of sharing with the world that you've just taken down your first MILF and bejeweled her with a pearl necklace, we've picked the top 5 hottest and dirtiest texts on for your Friday afternoon enjoyment.

Face Time

“My bf and i both got iPhone 4 and last night we took this FaceTime feature to the next level. We had video sex and I put the iPhone in the condom and slowly inserted it in myself as FaceTime was running. My bf couldn't believe what he saw. i could totally feel him inside myself and it took me less than 20 seconds to come.”



“This freak fell asleep 2 minutes into the b*****b. He did wake up after I quietly stuck my vibr*tor up his a*s and turned it on.”



“Last week we had sex in the car on famous dave's parking lot and after it was over and all the windows were fogged she wrote 'thanks for great sex' with her finger on one of the windows from the inside. I haven't washed it yet and i show it to all my buddies.”


“The only time when i can have an awesome sex is when my husband goes fishing. i turn on my favorite adult entertainment, get my box out and the pleasure begins. He's walking out of the door as we speak. Bye honey.”


Vibrator II

“If I'm using two vibr*tors instead of just one, would that be a 3sum?”


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