The Trashiest Notre Dame Fan Fight You’ll See Today

by 8 years ago

I spent two years at Notre Dame and not once was I treated to a meth-induced trailer-park brawl. Finally, one has emerged from the parking lot outside Saturday's Notre Dame vs. Purdue game. Check out the video after the jump.

UPDATE: The video has been removed by YouTube. Anyone find it anywhere else?

First things first, just because there is Fighting Irish paraphernalia involved in the video does not directly imply they were ND students or connected in anyway. After all, there was a kid with orange hair in my Art History 101, but I don't think he was slapping his ankle searching for a vein in between Michelangelo and Raphael. Personally, I love the guy with the tats. You know he woke up Saturday morning not stoked about the Purdue game, but about showing off the MMA moves he saw on late-night TV. He sagged his pants just right, neglected any type of T-shirt, and just roamed the parking lot. Plus, at 34 seconds in, how epic is his block of the other dude's kick? He just brushes it aside, slurs some inaudible slurs, and gets even more amped. Nothing like a stoked meth addict. I bet he gets a jumbo slurpy later with his girl and sends that video into every MMA outlet trying to get sponsored.

Overall, good effort, Notre Dame. The birds there are pretty awful (a usual 5 becomes an 8.5 easy), so some hand-to-hand combat makes it a little more interesting.

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