A Bunch Of Buzzfeed Employees Drank Their Own Pee For Internet Clicks

by 3 years ago

I wish I was joking, but this is not a Clickhole article. We all joke about clickbait and the extremes websites and YouTubers go for traffic and views. But this is… Pretty extreme! As you can see in the video above, a bunch of Buzzfeed employees (presumably in their L.A. video studio, not New York editorial/sales offices) drank their own urine. Except it wasn’t for the following reasons one might typically experience piss in their mouth a la Kevin Costner in Waterworld:

(1. Emergency hydration.

(2. Accidentally opening your mouth when your buddy aims a stream of pee at your nasty jellyfish sting during a snorkeling trip.

(3. Tooth whitener.

(4. Any sort of medical or scientific purpose at all.

The people drinking their own pee in this video did it for Internet clicks. Pure, unadulterated Internet clicks. Internet clicks as pure as a steamy stream that comes after drinking many, many PBRs, like the ones barely concealed in this video.

We’re starting to reach the end of clickbait as we know it.

Cheers to content, entertaining the Internet masses, gainful employment, and not eating asparagus before lunch!

Bottoms up!

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