10 Things She Wants to Hear You Say, According to a Girl

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These commandments or little phrases are things I love to hear when I am with a man.  Most of these phrases would probably please most ladies, but I could potentially be a little bias. Thought I would share some of my favorite things that all guys should say to girls!

YOU LOOK GORGEOUS TODAY- Some rendition of this is always sweet and fabulous. Many women spend hours in the bathroom to look good for… themselves, but also for you!  Let her know you appreciate that, even if you think you already do, the words mean a lot!

I LOVE YOU- Obviously, don’t throw this around to someone you don’t actually love!  If you do love her, however, use it. Tell her. Make sure she knows what’s up; it keeps the romance alive!

WOW YOU ARE THE HOTTEST WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN- I just think every woman wants to be beautiful, but being hot… that’s a little different. That’s like your favorite model or porn star you’re whacking off to… so she will love it when you are talking about her!

I WANT TO TAKE YOU SHOPPING!- Well, this is a treat, and we understand that cannot happen on the regular, but seriously – many of us are socialized to love this shopping stuff, so indulge us when you can. 🙂

CAN WE SNUGGLE? – This is thoughtful and sweet and shows that sex is not the only thing on your mind… even if it is. Girls want to be snuggled and shown affection, so do it!

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CAN I LICK YOUR TIGHT PINK PUSSY?- This is sexy and perpetuates the idea of foreplay and sex.  I love the visual, and so do a lot of women. To be able to describe something like this simple act is wonderful!

I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU- Building up anticipation is fun and adds to a little foreplay action for later.

WHAT ARE WE DOING TOGETHER THIS WEEKEND?- This shows you are planning for the future and reserving your precious time for this special woman. Basically if there’s no pre-plan for me, I’M OUT!

YOU ARE THE BEST!- Why thank you. I mean everyone likes their ego stroked a little, so give it to her good and be sincere when you do it!

HOW DID YOU GET SO CUTE?- I love when my man says this to me. I feel like it’s just a sweet little affirmation that keeps me wanting more


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