People Shared The Freaky Things That Made Them Stop Having Sex Right In The Middle Of It

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what made you stop sex in the middle


As we’ve seen so many times, when a question on “Ask Reddit” involves sex the answers and always filled with major TMI, a healthy dose of hilarity and usually something gross. That’s why we love it so much. We’re all just sick, sick people at heart.

So when Redditor DonnieDarkoRabbit asked, “What made you stop having sex right in the middle of it?” there’s simply no way the answers weren’t going to be gold.

Here are some of the best responses. See if any of these sound familiar? And if they do, please let us know in the comments!

The Lord of the Rings theme that I forgot was in the playlist. ~ jamierterrill

Was hooking up with a guy once and the Pokémon theme song started playing off his iPod in the middle. He stopped to convince me someone else had put it on there not him. ~ Leigho7

My cat taking the most foul-smelling dump in the litter box across the room, then leaving without burying it.

Fuck you, Bubbles. ~ Swoll_Lymph

For a joke she moaned the name of my ex. I immediately paid back by moaning the name of her brother.

We both dissolved into giggles and the sexy mood was over for a while… ~ MartijnCvB

She was riding me, and accidentally moaned out “I want your lips around my cock” (as opposed to vice-versa), and I laughed myself soft. ~ hoggyhay222

My lampshade caught on fire and set off the smoke alarm. We had a candle burning too close to it. ~ janey-o

One time I thought it was really funny to pause every few minutes for a commercial break: “This fuck is brought to you by Pennzoil. Pennzoil lubricates everything.”

She didn’t. ~ Captain_Vegetable

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