15 Things Women Want You to Do in Bed, By Adult Film Star Tasha Reign

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Some might call these tips lifehacks. We’ll just call them vital. 15 Things Women Want Yo to Do in Bed is below. 

1. Do something with her before or after the act, movie, dinner, event, drinks, games, anything. It makes the whole act seem like an event and something that she may want to go above and beyond to please you during instead of a sex session just for you.

2.  Compliment your girl and make her feel great about everything, from her make-up to her hair, her eyes, her body, the whole shebang. The key here is KEEP IT REAL. Really try to find things on her or about her that you think are absolute turn-ons and focus on them, women love sex when they feel sexy!

3. Foreplay is important, play with her, tease her, use your tongue everywhere, be wild and excited about her and most importantly make her feel like she’s the sexiest woman on earth. If you are having sex with her just to get yourself off, she will know.

4. Look at her while you are fucking. I like a man to stare into my soul while he fucks my brains out. It’s confident and intimate.

5. Do not get straight to pounding away at her like the jack hammer performers you have seen in the most hardcore and intense adult scene of your life, you want this to be pleasurable for both parties. There is a big difference between real sex and performance sex. Performance sex is for whomever is watching. Real sex is for whomever is partaking.

6. Do ask her if what you are doing feels good to her without prying and being repetitive, just listen to her moaning and look up at the face, ask in a way that is sensual and not insecure.

7. CONFIDENCE is key, that the hottest thing a man can wear, period

8 Whisper. I love when guys fuck me hard, and deep while they whisper in my ear, low and growly. Nothing could make me want the D more.

9. Compliment her skills, sincerely and personally. If she gives great head, if she rides you well, if she kisses you hard and deep let her know just how much that turns you on and how wonderful it is.

10. Be vocal. Dirty talk is always so hot and especially when the man takes the lead and shows me how it is done and why he wants his member where he wants it.

11. Pay attention to what she responds to and do more of that. Listen to her moans, is she into it, is she shaking her head yes, screaming, enjoying herself?

12. Stick to mostly flattering positions. As much as we all want to just let go and enjoy the moment, women will be women, and for the most part they want to look and FEEL gorgeous, fit, and beautiful, so stay away from pile driver or legs over her head type stuff unless she requests it.

13. If you go on a date first, go toy shopping. Getting to know your partner and what may turn her on is always a blast, especially when you get to help pick it out and suggest fun couple-y items or clit vibrators so you can do less work while banging her from behind 😉

14. Afterwards give her a high five or a hug and snuggle, positive teamwork is my favorite part!

15. Text her after the date and reinforce how nice it was to “hang out.” Tell her you enjoyed playtime and whatever else you did. Genuine appreciation always makes me feel more open to doing it again. Consistency will go a long way.

Now that you’ve studied the basics, we’ll kick it up a notch with Part 2 in two weeks. I have some fun, slightly depraved but delicious hints to take your sex to the next level.


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