10 Brain Exploding Things You Didn’t Know About Weed

by 8 years ago

Pigs in Bhutan are Fed Marijuana to Make Them Fatter

In the drug world there are many myths you must dispel only by experiencing the substances for yourself. Drugs have all kinds of tall tales behind their various side effects. When it comes to marijuana, everyone talks about the munchies. The realest of all the drug side effects. The munchies are serious business and result in more bro-consumption of burritos than any other force on the planet. The munchies are so real, that pigs in Bhutan are fed pot to make them hungrier, which in turn will make them fatter. The thing that makes bacon eating weed to make better bacon is some weird 'Inception' sh*t… we are treading in unknown territory. I'm freakin' out, man.

Marijuana Dispensaries Outnumber Starbucks in Denver

We live in a world that sometimes seems as if it is being forcefully taken over by the the coffee overlords known as Starbucks. They are everywhere. Sometimes, they are right across the street from each other. Well, in Denver they figured out what can combat the coffee franchises iron grip on the throat of every community… weed. In Denver, they have nearly 300 dispensaries! It's probably so easy to accidentally get pot in Denver.

To Overdose On Marijuana You Would Need to Consume 1500 Pounds in 15 Minutes

We all have those bros, that consistently turn drinking into a challenge, the problem is that binge drinking can send a bro up to the beyone pretty quickly and easily. Well, challenge someone to a weed throw-down and you won't have to slow down until you start to reach about 1500 pounds in 15 minutes. If you meet a bro that can come close to this amount… RUN… RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Or just have a pan of cookies ready to throw.

Rastafarians Can Legally Smoke and Possess Marijuana in Italy

There are two cool things about being a Rastafarian in Italy. You can smoke as much dank nugget as you want AND it's probably fairly easy to find a no-nonsense lasagna. Courts in Italy ruled that practicing Rastafarians are not to be handled as drug traffickers when in possession of it, as it is considered a religious sacrament. If you are in the Rasta scene, make sure to talk to that crazy traveling gnome, William Shatner or whoever the f**k you have to talk to these days to get a damn plane ticket to that boot-shaped, pasta-filled country IMMEDIATELY!

Marijuana Has Historically Resulted in Zero Deaths

The thing that's never fun about starting to dabble in the world of drug culture, is the constant threat of horrifying Tarantino style overdose death. No bro wants to go out like that! PCP makes people tear their clothes off and hallucinate passed the point of insanity. It typically ends with one of three things–death, a solid taserin' or death by way of a solid taserin'. Marijuana on the other hand has resulted in absolutely zero deaths… but you must take in to account that patchouli may or may not give our hippie bros invulnerability.

The Trapped Chilean Miners Were Provided With Marijuana

If you've been accidentally trapped in a subterranean nightmare, you will probably wanna have something to calm your nerves. And you would probably be super pissed if somebody lowered you down a glass of warm milk to help you try to relax. The trapped Chilean miners had weed and porn dropped down to them while they were trapped. This created resentment because apparently some of our underground bros are serious bogarts!

BBC Staffers Openly Smoked Pot In The 60's and 70's

The 1960's and 70's were some seriously weird times in bro history. Nowhere was weirder than England, due to a huge abundance of Austin-Powers-like bros runnin' around shaggin' and gettin' down. The weirdness even penetrated the extremely serious television organization known as the BBC, where they were said to openly smoke down before broadcasts of news programs and even children's programs.

There Are 4 People in The U.S. That Legally Get Weed Mailed To Them By The Federal Government

There are some very talented bros in the ways of discovering and utilizing government loopholes. They might be for taxes, they might be for student loans. Whatever it is, it's not that unusual to find something that gives you the fat hookup courtesy of good ole' Uncle Sam. Hell, there's even 4 people that get their stash mailed right to them courtesy of the Red, White and Blue!

Shipping Weed in The Mail Has Increased by 400 Percent

We live in such a digital age, that it's hard for some bros to even remember what the hell the U.S. Mail is. Well, now there's a new reason to make sure you sift through the sea of coupons, bills and other bummers that are typically found in a mailbox. Since 2007, there has been a 400 percent increase in the amount of marijuana being shipped via snail mail. You're iPhone will never be that cool.

Weed Cannabinoids Can Be Found Naturally in a Set of Boobies

Just when you think a gorgeous set of bouncy bosoms couldn't be even a smidgen more packed with jiggly awesome, BroBible has found something else that will bring your appreciation to new levels. Cannabinoids, which give marijuana some of it's natural kick can actually be found in breast milk. This is why you never EVER smoke a bowl with a hippie sporting a milk-mustache!