10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Adult Film Star Tasha Reign

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Since BroBible started letting me blab on here, I know you Bros know a lot about me, both sexually and how my mind works. But, like every girl, I do have some random little secrets and info about me you just might not be aware of…and I’m feeling a little more comfortable around you, so I’m going to share them:

10. I created a breast cancer awareness sweat-suit line with my girlfriend, while I was in high school. I guess we were budding entrepreneurs even then!

9. I begged my parents to send me to boarding school, so they did – Robert Louis Stevenson, in Pebble Beach, California. It was very proper and very conservative. I loved it, and think it’s why I’m such a girly girl even now.

8. I have to constantly fight against an urge to hoard clothing. It’s a problem I’ve had all my life! After watching Hoarders: Buried Alive, I’ve often freaked out because it totally resonates with me. I also clean EVERYTHING. I’m a super germaphobe.

7. I was denied the night shift at a strip club before I was ever an exotic dancer because they weren’t sure if I could handle it. Seriously. Guess I showed them!

6. If I could have any job other than the one I have, I would totally work as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) at Disneyland.

5. I’m a very monogamous person in my personal life. When I have a BF, I don’t really want to be with other partners at all. It’s why as a performer I prefer staying single because it’s perfect for me emotionally.

4. I once broke my Magic Wand vibrator because I overused it.

3. I was on the MUN (Model United Nations) team in high school. I debated other students about different countries we pretended to represent. I can get extremely political, but it doesn’t bring me any joy to argue, so I tend to avoid talking politics.

2. I’ve only had 2 serious boyfriends.

1. I’m actually very shy and self-conscious in public social settings, even with my adult industry peers.

I hope this helps you know a little more about me. And guess what? I want to hear your secrets too – the funny ones, the silly ones, and the ones that make you who you are! Just comment below and tell me what yours are – also, leave your Twitter handle, and I will tweet my favorite ones!




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