A Third Of Millennials Say They Aren’t ‘Exclusively Heterosexual,’ So Threesomes Threesomes Threesomes

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There’s no group more wishy-washy, indecisive, or unable to own up to its own self than the Millennial generation.

Ugh, I’m just not sure corporate America is right for me.

Sigh, what do I do with my life?


A school of minnows acts with more authority, direction and verve than your average Millennial. So it’s no surprise to me that when asked a basic question like, “Hey, are you straight or gay?” every Millennial who answered a YouGov survey began their response with some approximation of “Well…”

It’s like, JFC, make up your goddamn mind.

31% of under-30s plot themselves as something other than exclusively heterosexual on the seven point ‘Kinsey Scale’

Invented by Alfred Kinsey in the 1940s, the Kinsey scale plots individuals on a range of sexual dispositions from exclusively heterosexual at 0 through to exclusively homosexual at 6.

Younger Americans are noticeably less likely than their elders to put themselves in a firm category. While 80% of all Americans say that they are completely heterosexual or homosexual only 66% of under-30s say the same. 29% of under-30s put themselves somewhere on the category of bisexuality.

Saying they aren’t “completely straight” is the equivalent of keeping the Peace Corps in their back pocket when thinking about their life. “But what if one day I just want to…” is a sentence every Millennial lets run through their head, since they believe it’s their god-given right to never have to completely make up their mind or commit to anything in its entirety, like say a career.

But hey, at least you can use this knowledge to convince the one you’re with that there’s nothing wrong with a little threesome action.

“It’s okay, baby. Let’s embrace the scale that is our sexuality like all our peers are doing.”

[H/T Esquire]


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