Thirsty Dude Gets Trolled Into Creating Art Masterpieces In Exchange For Nudies When He Texted The Wrong Number

by 4 years ago
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Nudies are the best. I love them almost more than I love my parents. And definitely more than I love my grandparents. A perfect combination of art and sex. And I honestly can’t decide what I enjoy more: sending them or receiving them. The greatest nudie I ever sent was when I strategically parked three Matchbox cars on my bed and hovered my half-chubbed kielbasa over them (NEVER go full hard, leave an inch or two to be desired), with the caption “Those are real cars.” My girlfriend at the time thought it was weird as fuck because it was sent on a Tuesday morning, but I’ve never been prouder of myself.

That’s why I can understand this dude going to outrageous measures to obtain nudies from a girl whose number he received at the club. Only problem? She gave him the number of Joe Veix over at Death and Taxes. So Joey decided to have a little fun with with the thirsty bastard.

Baby girl, bro? Too soon. Like 8 months too soon.

There are absolutely zero indicators you’re being trolled, Dre. Just your typical cat drawing for a nudie exchange. This tactic is as old as time…

Ok, that’s fucking impressive.

“I will draw the bird.”

If this dude ever decides to quit his job of being a professional creep, he could easily be one of those dudes who draws caricatures on the Atlantic City boardwalk. That bird is gorgeous.

I bet now you’re wondering: Is there anything Dre CAN’T do?

The answer is no.

❤ ❤ ❤

Anyone else’s dick move a bit?

And somewhere in a darkened basement, Dre is putting away his wiener and coloring in his fat bird. Dejected and alone.

[H/T Distractify]