This Bear Understands The Importance Of Vigilante Justice And He’s Teaching This Heinous Woman A Lesson

You don’t need to see the person behind that voice to know that this is one of the most insufferable human beings in the world. For almost my entire live I’ve been dreaming of taking a long trip to Alaska, spending a month catching halibut and trying to see orca whales. After watching this video I’m no so sure, because even with all that pristine natural beauty in the background of this video it’s that voice in the foreground that has ruined everything.


YouTube / Mary Maley

If there was such thing as a ‘punchable voice’ then this would be. “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE ASLEEP!!!!” is not a command that a bear understands. All that bear understands at that moment is that you’ve just sprayed him (or her) in the face with bear spray after making a huge commotion, a commotion that probably drew that bear in towards the house in the first place. It’s very late in the season up in Alaska and that means the bears are all looking for a last good meal. In this video the woman holding the camera went from thinking she was that last good meal to having a complete meltdown over that Alaskan black bear tearing up her kayak. For those of you wondering where in Alaska this encounter took place it all went down in Berg Bay, Wrangell District, Alaska.

In other news, I actually had no idea that Alaska had black bears. I’ve always thought that Alaska was home to Kodiak and Grizzly bears, and that those apex predators would have driven the black bears out thousands of years ago. I was very, very wrong. The black bear is actually the most abundant bear in all of Alaska, a fact that NatGeo has conveniently left out of their TV shows for my entire life. So what am I going to do with my newfound knowledge? Well, if someone asks me ‘Hey Cass, what’d you learn today?’ (because everyone learns something new every day and that’s a totally normal conversation for me to have, totally) then my answer would be ‘That Alaska has black bears’. That’s really all I’m able to do with my new knowledge of Alaskan black bears.

[YouTube / Mary Maley]