This GIF of Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs Is a Reminder That You Would Definitely Still Bang Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan’s reality show on the Oprah Winfrey Network is three episodes deep, basically in full-swing. For those of us here at BroBible, it’s fascinating to watch Lohan run around LITERALLY right outside our Soho office. Hell, in last night’s episode she even had lunch at our unofficial official lunch-spot du jour, Lure Fishbar, where we’ve made some hella-important BroBible decisions (and celebrations) while stuffing our faces with Tuna Burgers.

Anyway, because you have a pair of balls and probably didn’t watch LiLo’s reality shitshow, you missed Lindsay getting child-pleased by Oprah herself. The O told her that she needs to “cut the bullshit” and stop fucking around with her life because…. “It’s your  life. ” Oprah even put her in her place, noting Lindsay has “heart intelligence,” not “head intelligence,” which any dummy outside observer can tell you.

But let’s cut the crap. You don’t give a shit about the soap opera that is Lindsay Lohan’s life in Soho, unfolding literally  just a couple of blocks from BroBible HQ. You clicked into this post for boobs and damnit you’re going to get boobs. Some Redditor found this lovely camera angle from last night’s show. Just a reminder that Lilo is still the real deal.

Here’s the interview:

[H/T: Uproxx]

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