Check Out The Horrifying Propoganda In This Sex Ed Flyer For Teenagers

by 2 years ago

Pretty interesting throwback to being a teenager in a rural, conservative Christian area. A Redditor working in a high school administration office unearthed a propaganda pamphlet with some pretty silly information about sex, including blatant homophobe — always a dead giveaway that it’s coming from some nutso religious group. It goes in HARD on people who masturbate and look at porn, too.

Pretty scary that there was a time not so long ago when confused teenagers were handed stuff like this IN SCHOOL and shamed for their own damn biological sexuality. It’s like looking into a pre-Internet time capsule.

Meanwhile, teachers are running around unchecked like in the video above. Maybe clamp down on crimes like that before doling out stuff that reinforces negative sexual stereotypes, schools.

Zoom in and read the whole thing here.





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