This Lunatic Walked Around New York Trying To Freak People Out By Meowing At Them

by 3 years ago

As a New Yorker, I can honestly say that if someone walked up to me and started meowing in my face, it’d be like the fifth weirdest thing to happen to me on any given day. Plus, the fact he was holding a phone up to his face and obviously recording himself means he’s doing it for attention. There are plenty of straight up weirdos in New York that would meow in your face or bark like a dog at you just because they’re whacked the fuck out, not because they want Internet attention.

Please, visit our city! Dine in our restaurants! Drink in our bars! Enjoy the urine aroma of our subways! But don’t think for one second that tools like this guy have anything unique enough going on upstairs to warrant our attention.

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