Would You Stop Having a Threesome in a Hot Tub If The Cops Showed Up? These Three Sexual Mavericks Didn’t


Let me preface this by saying, this did not happen in Florida…although we all know it probably should have. God, I love Florida. Great weather, hilarious crimes, and people, much like these three, are as salt of the earth as they come. Can’t wait to move back someday.


Anthony Vechiola, his 28-year-old girlfriend, Gina Marie Rayner (who, for his sake, I hope is the girl on the left), and Jennifer Duchnowski, were caught having sex in a public hot tub in an apartment complex in Arizona. Only after they were caught, BY THE POLICE, they didn’t stop. The officers had to physically separate the trio.

I’m not sure why the girls kept going after the cops arrived, but from Vechiola’s standpoint, I get it. I totally understand why he continued to pump. You’re going to be in jail for the next however-many-hours anyway, you might as well try and to get that nut out before you’re forced to sober up and fester with it. Plus, I’m almost certain that it’s bad manners to polish yourself off all over a holding cell.

Per NY Daily News:

The officers — who were called to the scene by a neighbor who reported a small child wandering around the Grey Star Sierra Apartments and calling for his “mommy” — stopped the sexcapades by physically separating them, the news station reported.

As cops questioned the lovers, who all appeared heavily intoxicated, an officer heard the 5-year-old boy calling for his mother.

Police later identified the child as Rayner’s and found her 3-year-old son alone in Vechiola’s apartment.

Rayner was booked on an additional count of suspicion of child abuse for leaving her children alone in the apartment.