This Story Is Why You Should Never Take Ambien Before Having Sex

by 2 years ago

If you’ve ever taken Ambien before then you know that those little pills are basically ticking time bombs. Once the clock strikes zero and the Ambien kicks in you will experience batshit crazy hallucinations. Unlike that time you took mushrooms and saw the walls breathing and trails behind light but told your friends you were seeing crazy hallucinations, on Ambien you’re genuinely going to see some shit that’s not there.

This story’s about a woman who claims to have serious insomnia issues and takes Ambien to fall asleep. As I mentioned above, once you take Ambien you’ve got ~30min before the pill kicks in and your world gets flipped upside down and bathed in LSD…She took the pill and proceeded to have sex. Here’s her story (via reddit’s TIFU):

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