Times Square Olive Garden And Other Chain Restaurants Are Charging A FORTUNE For New Year’s Eve Reservations

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Who wants to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Times Square Olive Garden!?!?!?!

That answer to that should be NO ONE. Not a single person on the planet should want to be caught in the middle of that perfect storm of shit. PURE SHIT.

Shockingly, people do want to spend their New Year’s Eve this way and they are willing to drop serious money to do it, because never underestimate the power of stupidity, you guys.

According to the NY Post:

Dinner at the Olive Garden in Times Square on New Year’s Eve will set you back $400 , and that’s not even the highest price among the chain restaurants that crowd the Crossroads of the World.

The vantage point is better at Bubba Gump Shrimp on Broadway, which charges among the highest fees on New Year’s Eve — $799 a person.

Revelers at Ruby Tuesday — where tickets range from $349 a head to $1,699 for the “Couple’s VIP Table” — won’t see the ball at all from inside the restaurant.

I will never understand the allure of spending an entire night freezing my dick off in Times Square while I uncomfortably struggle to hold in my pee for as long as humanly possible. I consider myself a reasonably adventurous person, but playing chicken with a UTI just to see a stupid ball drop is my line in the sand.

That is the lone upside of these chain deals. You get the Times Square New Year’s Eve experience, but you also get a pot to piss in. And you get booze and food. Tragically, though, the $800 night out at the Olive Garden for you and that special person in your life doesn’t come with any breadsticks. I’m not even kidding. You pay to go to the Olive Garden and they don’t even give you the one thing people like about the Olive Garden. Savage move by management, those Godless fucks.

[H/T NY Post]

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