Today In Not Shocking Tech News: Tinder Is Being Sued for Sexual Harassment

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Tinder has come under fire as being representative of the frat boy culture of the tech start-up scene. This new lawsuit alleging senior executives sexually harassed Whitney Wolfe, the female co-founder and former VP of marketing, certainly isn’t going to help their case. And it sure as shit’s gonna put an end to Funbag Fridays, where women employees are encouraged not to wear shirts. I made that up, but if you own a company feel free to implement that.

In the lawsuit, Wolfe calls Chief Marketing Officer Justin Mateen “verbally controlling and abusive.” She accuses him of repeatedly calling her a “slut” and a “whore,” in front of CEO Sean Rad. Gonna need some context here. Was he just playfully like “hey, whatcha up to ya, dumb slut?” or would he run into her by the elevators and aggressively ask, “Hey whore, you suck on any strange peckers lately?” Intent is very important in a case like this.

Mateen and Wolfe used to date, so their contentious relationship is somewhat understandable. If I parted ways with a girlfriend in a bitter breakup and then had to deal with her at work, I’d probably be going on a whore rampage myself.

After Mateen called Wolfe a whore at a company event, Wolfe says she offered her resignation in exchange for severance and the vesting of her company stock. Rad rejected Wolfe’s offer, firing her instead, according to the suit.

Hahaha, um, dude, chill out with the whore-shaming, you’re at a company event. This is Tinder. You help strangers in the same vicinity meet each other and bone. Show some class! I would’ve loved to have seen how that meeting went down –

Wolfe: Mr. Rad, Justin continues to disrespect me in front of co-workers, and it’s completely unacceptable. The “whore” at today’s event at Dave & Buster’s was the final straw. I’d like to resign, and in return, I ask for severance and the vesting of my company stock.

Rad:  Interesting offer. Here is my counter.

*slides a piece of paper over*

Wolfe: This just says “GTFO”

Rad: Yup. There’s the door.

The other details of the case are pretty uninteresting, other than the fact that Mateen sent Wolfe texts with “inappropriate content,” but Tinder asserts that that doesn’t put the company at fault. I would love to be a juror in this case. “Yes, your honor, I sent her many cock shots, but we were dating at the time. In the office, we kept it 100% appropriate, and I only called her a whore because it was a fun game we played called Whore-Slut.”

[H/T CNN Money]

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