Dude, Do You Love Titties? New Daily Digest Emails You One Picture Of Titties Per Day

by 4 years ago


Tits! They are quite literally everywhere. Your mother has them and your sisters have them and your female coworkers have them. You can see tits pretty much anywhere you point your eyes.

Not to mention the internet! Tits are everywhere on the internet; both tits.com and titties.com lead to tits, alongside a whole host of other pornographic websites, which, while not entirely focused on tits, include tits in just about every single video and/or picture.

Actually, pretty much the only place I can think of that you don’t get to see tits is in your work email, what with your boss asking you to finish the files and not look at the tits.


But what if, once a day, one picture of tits was sent to your email. That’d … that’d be nice, I guess. That’s the idea behind Tittie Time, which sends one picture of tits to your inbox once a day.

At 3:33 to be precise, because the number three looks like a pair of tits.

From their website:

Tittie Time curates the finest selection of tits that the internet has to offer, and delivers them discretely to your inbox every weekday at 3:33 in the afternoon.

We can imagine a typical weekday scenario: you are 2 hours past lunch, you’ve blasted through your 3rd round of coffee, you are using every fiber of your being to keep from falling asleep and your only wish is to just go home.

Well, we’ve saved your day. Leave it to Tittie Time to deliver the perk you need, right when you need it.

Yes, like a Red Bull, except only with the added sensation of needing to masturbate, and the shameful knowledge that you couldn’t make it through another damn day without looking at some naked women. You perv.

I found out about Tittie Time when the founder, Hill Smith, emailed our tip line. I asked him what all of you are thinking right now. Why?

It was a drunken shit talk sesh around campfire earlier this spring. I proposed the idea, and the name that I had was ‘The Daily Tittie’. Most variations of the domain name were taken. Another friend (a girl actually) shouted out ‘Titty Time’. I checked and the ‘ie’ spelling was available. I bought it on my phone right there. From there the 3:33 thing came up and it all was just too good not to try.

What started on a lark has metastasized into something more profound.

I feel 3:33 can live in infamy alongside 4:20 as a worldwide, cultural daily moment.

But it’s more than that.

Wait, I mean less.

Who doesn’t love titties? Men and women alike are fans of titties.

Yea true I love titties.

You can sign up for Tittie Time here.