Girlfriend Baits BF Into Cheating, He Eviscerates Her Soul By Hooking Up With Underage Pregnant Chick

by 2 years ago

Play stupid entrapment games, win stupid entrapment prizes. Vanessa thinks her boyfriend is a cheater. Vanessa has fantastic instincts because Vanessa’s boyfriend is a cheater. However, nothing could prepare poor Vanessa for what she was about to see how low her boyfriend would stoop.

In the latest episode of “To Catch A Cheater,” Vanessa baits her man into cheating and he obliges.

With a pregnant chick.

Who is underage.

Before we get all judgy, maybe he was being a responsible cheater and thinking that there was no way that he would knock this lass up. Because you can’t get preggers twice. AMIRITE?

The girl pretends to be from out of town and asked Vanessa’s boyfriend for directions. After telling him that she was pregnant, she revealed that she was 16-years-old.

Vanessa, on the bright side, you could possibly get him arrested for statutory rape?

Yeah, Vanessa is going to need therapy after this soul-sucking betrayal.

Why at the 53-second mark of the video do they zoom in on Vanessa’s huge zit on her face? Hasn’t this poor, poor girl suffered enough with her man cheating on her with an underage pregnant chick?

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