Watching A Hot Newscaster Go To Fricking Town On Barack Obama Will Get Your Boner And Your America Boner Raging

You dudes are probably going to agree with everything Tomi Lahren says, and enjoy watching it.

I mean, what’s not to love about a drop dead dime fucking shoving her stiletto straight up Barack Obama’s ass?

Forget the ad hominem attacks, circular reasoning, straw man arguments, false equivalents and every other logical and argumentative fallacy she uses here. Like literally nothing she says is factually accurate or anything a human with a college degree should ever utter out loud. It’s still fun to watch. It still gets ya jazzed.

Fuck Obama. Forget the massive campaign of targeting killings he’s run aimed entirely at radical jihadists. It’s fucking time he kills some Muslims for real this time.

Tomi fucking Lahren. She’ll be working at Fox News in two weeks.