Tony Hawk Remains a Legend, Honors 9-11 Victims with Cool Stunt (PLUS Kate Upton)

by 7 years ago

Maintaining its true American spirit, the firm vowed to recover. Now, as part of its committment to philanthropy, the firm donates all of its global revenues every September 11th to charity groups. The Tony Hawk Foundation is participating this year, and as a sort of a thank you, Hawk skated through the trading floor earlier this morning.

Says ESPN: 

Today, Hawk, along with more than 100 other celebrities will take part in Charity Day, the annual fund-raiser in commemoration of the 658 Cantor Fitzgerald employees lost in the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC Partners donate 100 percent of their global revenues from the day to more than 100 charities, which includes the Tony Hawk Foundation.

“It’s a day to remember and honor the victims of 9/11 and I’m so glad they put on this program to help all these charities in need,” said Hawk, whose foundation has built more than 400 skateparks in low-income areas around the United States. “I’m so honored they chose our foundation as one of the recipients.”

Resiliency, longevity, and true awesomness. That's Hawk, Cantor Fitzgerald, and AMERICA in a nuthsell. 

UPDATE: As per last year, Kate Upton has also joined in the fun. Not surprisingly, it appears as if she's Cantor Fitzgerald's favorite celebrity guest. Check the pics below:

[H/T: Business InsiderHyperVocal]


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