Top 10 Best Smokeless Tobacco Commercials

by 7 years ago

Note: This is not a solicitation for you to start dipping.

Skoal Bandit with Harry Gant

Eric Campbell's “Got the sea, the breeze, got my Skoal”

Levi Garrett's “The Friend I'm Proud to Chew”

Charlie Daniels Band “Farm” for Skoal

Skoal Outdoors: “This Land Ain't for Everybody”

Copenhagen “Spring Training” with Carlton Fisk

“Smokeless Darlin' ” with Charlie Daniels

Earl Campbell's “This is my life”

Skoal Iraqi Freedom

Yeah it's not real, but have to salute the troops.

Shep Messing for Happy Days

Does anyone know what happened to “Happy Days” Smokeless?

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