Top 10 Cities for Bros to Move Abroad in Western Europe

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Nice, France

Bros and France seem to be like oil and water. Freedom fries baby. Forget your prejudice against the froggys and forget Paris — Nice could not be more different than that soft city. Palm trees line the streets of this coastal Mediterranean beach town. Though it's touristy, especially in the summer, that also means an influx in international babes. Nice's nightlife offers everything from grungy backpacker bars in the old town to trendy nightclubs in the city center. A small downside is that bars close at 2 a.m., but you should be able to find a latenight after party somewhere. This is the French Riviera after all.

Bro Havens in Nice:

  • Thor: A raucous option, popular with the expat and student crowd.

Barcelona, Spain

Even though Barcelona is probably the best-known party city on our list, nighttime festivities start slow here. At around 6 p.m., it's typical to meet for drinks and a snack, but then most people will go home after this. Weak? Nope. Game time doesn't come about here until after midnight, when the city gets buzzing. The clubs are in Port Olimpica, a collage of bars, babes, clubs, and restaurants located along the beach. During summer nights this is by far the most active part of the city. Going to La Playa aka the beach during the summer is a religion here. One warning: the language here is Catalan, not Espanol, so your Spanish 101 basics will only get you so far.

Bro Havens in Barcelona

  • L'Ovella Negra: A favorite as much with the international backpacker set as it is with local students. The “Black Sheep” serves great beer.
  • Bikini: A young, down-to-earth crowd boogie to the latest sounds at Bikini. This trendy club has two rooms, one playing pop and hip-hop music, the other playing sexier Latin rhythms.
  • Travel Bar: The most notoriously American bar in Barcelona has deals if you show an American passport. Serves American food and has the best pub-crawl in the city.

London, England

The premier city of Europe, London is sweet for any Bro: no second language needed to navigate Europe's “melting pot.” Beer reigns supreme in London and the signature bitter ale is served at room temperature and is hardly carbonated: pound on, Bros. It's a common misconception that the females and food are sub-par in London town. This is false: fish and chips rival a burger and fries. As for the ladies, it’s a party platter: a little bit of everything from all over the globe.

Bro-Havens in London

  • The Social, Eclipse, and American Sports Bar in Piccidilly Circus.

Stockholm, Sweden

Also known as “Shockholm,” this is a serious dark horse when it comes to ranking European cities. The late-evening summer sun in Stockholm combined with the long winter nights means there is plenty of nightlife action in Stockholm. Swedish Fish? Try Swedish babes. Bros arrive in this city and are stunned. Is it possible for there to be so many six-foot blondes in the same city? Yes, and they actually like Americans…. I mean who doesn’t? Stockholm is also Europe’s cleanest city, winning the European green capital award six years in a row. The city’s center is located where Lake Malaren meets the Baltic Sea, making the focus of the downtown the harbor. Boating is very big. When the weather permits the bay is littered with offensively attractive women. Do not underestimate the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Bro Havens

  • Club Kharma: The most famous nightclub in all of Stockholm; a can't miss if you’re in the city.
  • Berns Salonger: Stylish Berns has long been one of the best areas to party in Stockholm. A landmark institution since 1863, it features not only bars, but also a restaurant, hotel, concert venue, and nightclub. What’s there not to like?

Geneva, Switzerland

Another sleeper city that is often overlooked by Bros spanning the globe. We know what your thinking: Geneva? The Swiss, those historically neutral pansies? Trust us, the place is sweet. If you don’t speak French, don’t worry, everyone speaks English. The finance-oriented city is Europe’s second capital of finance behind London. Having an untraceable Swiss bank account is probably one of the coolest things ever. The city rests on Lake Geneva, which gets plenty of use for recreation and bikini-wearing babes. Don’t forget to hit up the Tolberone factory.

Bro Havens in Geneva

  • The Leopard Room: If you're tired of the club scene and don’t want to see people with gel in their hair make sure you visit Leopard Room. It's a bit less overwhelming than the glossier and more trendy bars. You will feel like you're back in the U.S. and probably be surrounded by a good amount of them.


Milan, Italy

Renowned for its nightlife and fashion, Milan is one of the craziest cities in Europe. The fact that Milan may be more nuts than Barcelona is absurd… Barcelona is a zoo that doesn’t sleep. Milanese people respect happy hour; come 6 p.m., bars and restaurants are packed. If you’re looking to rage and misbehave make sure to visit the Brera district. Clubs and discotheque have been built along the old canals of the city. This is where the youth hangs out, aka where all the tourists hang out, aka where the babes hang out. Gucci, Versace, Prada, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana are headquartered in Milan, which may not be Bro brands, but the Italian girls love them and so should you. Make sure to take a day trip to the Ferrari factory in Maranello, just two hours away.

Bro Havens in Milan

  • Hollywood
: This is the most famous discotheque in Italy. Models, designers, actors, politicians all go here. Super-tough door selection, better be with some 10s.
  • Lollapalozaa: 
Crowded, loud, wild, and funky. They actually encourage you to dance on the tables….
  • Alcatraz: In the north of Milan, this is the largest club in the city: hundreds of square feet of raw sin. Do not miss their famous light shows late night.
  • Atlantique
 House: Music from the most famous DJs, a restaurant, a bar, and a private club. Jersey Shore in Milan, but nicer.

Zurich, Switzerland

Hip and modern, it’s a really attractive city with a view spanning Lake Zurich with the stunning backdrop of the Alps looming in the background. Since 2006, Zurich has been repeatedly named the city with the best quality of life in the world. German is the language spoken here, so be prepared for the transition if you're coming from Geneva.

Bro Havens in Zurich

  • Indochine: The upper floor is where most of the action takes place, but you'll want to dress up to visit. Vietnamese food is served.
  • Outback Lodge: Feigning for a burger while over seas? Feel back in the U.S. at the Outback Lodge. Even though this place is a knockoff of Outback Steak House, it’s a serious sight for sore eyes if you’re not an adventurous eater.

Munich, Germany

The Capital of Bavaria and host to the monthlong beer fest, Oktoberfest, Munich is a must-see if you're in Europe in the fall. Think the girl on the bottle of St. Paulies girl is sweet? The waitresses actually dress like that and can carry three liters of beer in each hand, or more. Munich is a fairly young city due to the universities there. This sets up a stellar nightlife scene. If you're seeking thrills, head to Schwabing district. Bars, cafes, restaurants, dance clubs, and tons of eager, thirsty students fill this area and give it its famous reputation.

Bro Havens in Munich

  • Bablylon-2: The largest club in Munich, with huge, packed dance floors and a laser show that is well-worth seeing.
  • Hofbräuhaus: A Munich institution, super touristy, super standard, super sweet.

Oslo, Norway

Scandinavians do it right. Norway’s capital is a drinking city. Cold dark winters = drinking environment. All bars, restaurants, and clubs are smoke-free, keep that in mind if you’re trying to smoke one with a babe in the winter time… may not be worth the frostbite.

Bro-Havens in Oslo

  • Beer Palace: A popular pub with a fair selection of Norwegian and foreign beers. Also a great play darts and get a slice of pizza.

Lisbon, Portugal

This city takes its nightlife seriously. All of the city's best bars and clubs are all in the same place, the Docas (docks) district. The Barrio Alto district is a more traditional district, boasting fado clubs; traditional, canteen-style bars; and upscale discos. If you’re visiting the Iberian Peninsula do not pass up the opportunity to visit Lisbon.

Bro Havens in Lisbon:

  • Lux, Tamariz, Capital, and Silk: In Lisbon, bars actually aren't the most Bro option, believe it or not. These four clubs boast the best of Portugese nightlife.

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