These Are The Top 10 Search Terms In Porn From 2009-2015 And It’s A Rollercoaster Ride For MILFs

by 3 years ago

As they like to do from time to time the adult video website Pornhub has released a ton of data regarding porn search traffic, and this time around they’ve shown the Top 10 Search Terms in Porn every year for the past seven years. It might not surprise you to see that ‘MILF’ is in the top 5 every year since 2009, as is teen.

One thing of note is the rise and fall of ‘Indian’ and ‘Asian’, which have made many appearances in the Top 10 Search Terms on Pornhub, but which haven’t been seen since 2013. Also, to this day I still haven’t met a single human being that’s admitted to watching whatever the heck ‘hentai’ is.

And if you happen to be of British descent and care what people in the United Kingdom are searching for they also ran the numbers for the top 10 U.K. search terms:

For some in-depth analysis of the Top 10 Search Terms on Pornhub you can CLICK HERE to head on over to Pornhub Insights, it’s 100% SFW so you don’t have to worry about what you might see over there!

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