Top 10 Surfer Bros in Film History

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Mitchell Goosen in “Airborne”
Goosen has everything that makes the Surfer Bro. The flow, the lingo and the ladies eating out of the palm of his hand. He may not be the baddest dude on this list but he sure is the prettiest.

Bodhi in “Point Break”
Not only does Swayze pull off the most badass surfer of all time but put aside all the bank robbery and murder and he's just another dude looking for the perfect wave.

Jeff Spicoli from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”
Spicoli embodied the trifecta of what makes a Surfer Bro in film (Stoner, Deadbeat, Failure). Penn set the standard high right out of the gate playing one of the first memorable characters to shred mother ocean.

Kunu from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

A modern day legend. Teaching tourists how to surf, curing all sorrows with weed and getting beat up by a starfish. You couldn't ask for more from a guy who just wants to surf all day.

Skip from “Lords of Dogtown”

The most serious and depressing surfing character ever. But when you party hard enough to trash your own board shop like a Motley Crue dressing room you're definitely going to make it high on this list.


Anne Marie Chadwick from “Blue Crush”

Yes, she's a chick. But she shreds, dates a Pro Athlete and fills out a bathing suit better than anyone else on this list.

Iggy from “Surf Ninjas”

Now there is never a good reason to like Rob Schneider. But in 'Surf Ninjas' he hardly does any acting to play one of the dumbest groms to ever make it to the big screen.

Shaun, Lonny, Arlo, and Chad from “Orange County”

A classic gang of white-collar SoCal beach bums whose goals were to surf all day and party all night. Even after Lonny drowned from taking a massive 50ft peak to his face.

Johnny Tsunami in “Johnny Tsunami”

Thanks to Disney, and their racist history, this little Hawaiian boy named after a devastating natural disaster was probably the first time you saw surfing on the big screen as a kid and definitely a staple for our generation.

Snake Plissken and “Surfer” from “Escape from LA”

The guy has never surfed a day in his life but when his only option for survival is to surf a tsunami wave hitting Cali he grabs his stick and rips like a pro. Plus he only has one eye.

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