This Guy Is Being Called The Dan Bilzerian Of Australia, His Instagram Reeks Of Decadence And Lady Smells

by 4 years ago


This is Travers Beynon, former AFL player and current managing director of Freechoice Tobacco, and his life makes mine look like a steaming pile of shit. Which, granted, is not terribly difficult to do, but he pulls it off with a certain panache that not even Dan Bilzerian could muster.

That said, if we’re comparing Travers Beynon to Dan Bilzerian — AND WE ARE! — his beard game could use a little work. Also, there is a gross lack of fire arms in his photos. If you want to be on Danny B’s level, you need truck loads of weaponry. One thing he does have going for him, though — and you’ll see this below — is no one rocks a sleeveless vest with nothing but a girthy gold chain below it better than Travers Beynon. Believe that.

It might not be your ideal lifestyle, but yeah, Travers Beynon’s life doesn’t suck.

[H/T Elite Daily]

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