Horniest Guy Ever Got Trolled Into Drawing Animals In Exchange For Nudes When He Accidentally Texted A Wrong Number

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Via Death and taxes

We’ve all had that moment where you text someone about how “Holy shit I’m so horny I feel like I’m going to die help,” except you send it to the wrong number and you immediately want to die from embarrassment because now your Grandpa knows that you’re feeling frisky. Luckily for me, my Grandpa is as technologically capable as your average 70+ year-old wandering through the aisles of Best Buy looking to buy a VHS player despite owning stacks on stacks of DVD’s, so I managed to get off scott-free without any humiliation or trolling.

Unfortunately for a guy named Dre, however, he met a girl last week who either gave him the wrong number or he’s just as technology-stupid as my Grandpa and somehow managed to text a random person, because he wound up texting Joe Veix over at Death and Taxes looking for nudes.



Rather than tell him “You have the wrong number” like any normal boring person would do, Joe decided that he’d send him nudes…on one condition.

He had to draw him a cat first.




Once the cat was received, why not see how far you can push it? So then he asked for a bird.





Not gonna lie, Dre is pretty good at drawing. He’s putting WAY more time into these pictures than I would’ve, especially into this polar bear wearing sunglasses.



However, asking Dre to draw the “sexiest thing you can think of” didn’t result in more animals…





Ew. I liked the animal pictures better, honestly, and I guess Joe felt the same way since after the booty drawing he decided to let Dre know that he wasn’t going to get any nudes anytime soon.


Lesson learned: the next time someone asks for animal drawings in exchange for naked photos, you’re probably not going to walk out of that text conversation with a phone full of nudes.


[H/T and images via Death and Taxes]

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