Beach Rager With 5,500 Drunk Teens Ends With Dude Getting Knocked Out On The Sand

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Last weekend on the sands of Troon Beach in Scotland an estimated 5,500 drunk and drugged up teens descended upon the beach to fight, fornicate and flee when the police arrived. Things were already out of control before this fight broke out, but this was last straw before cops broke up the borderline riot.

Here’s the dude getting knocked out on the beach, a video that went viral on Twitter over the weekend:


If you’re like me you might be wondering about the rest of the beach rager. 5,500 drunk people on one beach is a lot of people, and that means a lot of drunken shenanigans. The UK’s Daily Record reports:

TERRIFIED families were forced off the sand and into summer lock-down after hordes of drunk teens invaded Troon beach on the hottest day of the year so far.
Thousands of Glaswegian youths descended on the town on Friday, stretching emergency services to the limit, and leaving a trail of booze-fueled casualties in their wake.
Fights broke out on the packed sands, Class A drugs were seized, and families were forced to watch on in horror at youngsters fornicating in bushes.

And under-siege residents even had to call for paramedics after finding stupefied youngsters lying comatose in the town’s streets, reports our sister paper the Ayrshire Post.
Social media sites were ablaze with the kids’ outrageous antics as police say 5500 made the train journey to the coast – only to go completely off the rails.
One lady took to Facebook to say: “It is horrific!
“Was down here at 1.30 this afternoon, hordes coming off the train.
“One young boy about 15 passed out on the street with paramedics and police, and that’s just after lunch.
“A few ruin it for the rest.”

I guess I don’t understand what’s so horrific about a good ol’ fashioned beach rager. These beach party GIFs look fantastic to me right now, nothing to be angry about at all:

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