You Might Want To Read This Before Telling Your Friends About Your Love For Squirters

Think chicks who squirt are hot? Like the idea of a girl squirting on you during sex? Is the squirting page on Pornhub bookmarked on your computer? Well, our old friend Science is here to take your squirt-y hopes and liquid dreams out to the edge of the sidewalk and curb stomp the ever-loving shit out of them. Unless, of course, you also have a piss fetish, because according to science, “squirting is just an involuntary emission of urine.”

Per Leh Miller:

To sum up this debate, the main question has really been: is it just urine, or something else? Previous attempts to answer this question have produced conflicting results because it seems as though there is not just one type of female ejaculation. That is, there are some women who occasionally ejaculate a small amount of a milky fluid during orgasm, whereas others have been described as “squirting” or “gushing” copious amounts of a thin, watery fluid. Thus, in order to provide a definitive answer regarding the nature of female ejaculation, we have to first be clear on which type of ejaculate we’re talking about. A new study just published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine focused on the nature of the “squirting” type and concluded that this particular form of female ejaculation is pretty much just urine after all.

Can’t wait to see the fallout of this as a porn fetish. Have to imagine there will be an immediate spike so guys can see it, and then a steady decline, because it’s basically a glorified piss fetish now.

Also, if you’re dating a girl who squirts and you are willing to live with being peed on, because you’re MADLY IN LOVE, does that give you carte blanche when it comes to blowing audible farts and picking your nose. If so, a post-coital piss shower might be worth it.

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