Sister of French Terrorist Teaches ‘Booty Therapy’ Twerking Classes And Has The Ass Of A Goddess

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Maimouna Coulibaly is the older sister of French terrorist Amedy Coulibaly who murdered five innocent people in Paris, but as it turns out the apple couldn’t have fallen further from the tree.

Like her brother, Maimouna grew up facing racism whilst living as a muslim in France. However, unlike her psychopathic brother she turned to the power of twerking to rise above injustice.

First making headlines as a choregographer, Maimouna launched a career out of ‘Heee Mariamou‘, a dance show she created to combat racism in France…but her passion for dance didn’t die there.

She then went on to become the Prime Minister of Twerkistania, reigning supreme as France’s #1 twerker and teaching a ‘Booty Therapy’ class for anyone willing to shell out $350 for twenty sessions.

Here she is in action:

The New York Post reports:

While her ISIS-loving younger bro​ther​, Amedy Coulibaly, 34, turned to drug-dealing and later radical Islam, his sister was pursuing a career in showbiz and specialized in “twerking,” the booty-shaking dance popularized by hip-hop artists that is a staple of French TV, including the hit show “France Has Incredible Talent.”
She also gives lessons in what she calls “​​Booty Therapy” — with a 20-session course going for 300 euros, a little over $350.Her brother — whose father, Mahmadou, and mother, Diawe, came to France from Mali — spent his childhood on the notorious Grande Borne housing estate in Grigny.
In 2002, he was given a six-year sentence for robbing a bank, and it was in prison that he reportedly fell under the influence of Islamic radicals.
In a statement, his mother and sisters said that they “condemned” his acts of terrorism, adding: “We absolutely do not share his extremist ideas. We hope there will be no confusing these odious acts with the Muslim religion,” The Times reported.

Why am I even still writing anything here? It’s twerking you came for and it’s MORE TWERKING you shall have!

So, I’ve been living in an insular bubble for the past few weeks. First I got married, then took off for my honeymoon and subsequently haven’t been able to keep up with the news with the fervor I normally would.

Admittedly I don’t know enough about the ‘Charlie Hebdo‘ attacks yet and the subsequent attack on the Kosher market to speak competently on them (due to not having a TV in our room on the honeymoon). But, I do take solace in the thought that somewhere, if a Heaven exists, there’s an extremely pissed off murderous shitbag looking up at it from Hell and seeing his hot sister get famous for twerking while the entire civilized world condemns him for being sub-human scum.

That said, here’s a twerking GIF for good measure:

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