School Cancels Homecoming Dance Because Students ‘Couldn’t Find Solution To Twerking’

by 6 years ago

Vanessa Hudgens Twerk

A high school in Vermont cancelled this year’s homecoming dance. Not because of underage drinking, or drugs, or lack of decorative table covers to make the cafeteria look festive, but because of twerking.

From the article “Over the summer, the administration of Mount Anthony Union High School made a decision to cancel the school’s homecoming dance after discussions with students did not produce a solution to what school officials felt was an increasing amount of heavily sexualized dancing at school events.”

Sorry kids, homecoming dance is cancelled, there is WAY too much twerking going on. Unless you can provide a solution, the dance is cancelled.

I’m not sure what the actual solution to twerking would be besides “not twerking” but I’m hopeful the students offered solutions like grinding, partial-grinding, the running man using only genitals and other odd dances in front of a panel of administrators. And I’m hopeful there is video.

I get that the school doesn’t want students shaking their penises and vaginas at one another, and especially don’t want those fully clothed parts to come together on a dance floor, but isn’t cancelling a dance BEFORE it even happens a little presumptuous? Couldn’t they just say “don’t Twerk or your expelled?” and squash the problem and still have the dance?

Good job not trusting kids at all.

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