Two Alabama Bros Fishing On The Warrior River When Kittens Start Swimming At Them

You never know what the heck you’re going to run into when you’re out on the water. These two ‘Bama Bros were out fishing on the Warrior River when two kittens jumped in the water and started swimming towards them. The Bro rocking a sick Yeti hat (… def a total Bro if he’s rocking a Yeti hat) plucked the two identical orange tabbys out by the neck. But dang — those cats are swimming like otters. That’s crazy. has more details of what they did afterwards:

When they got to shore, they saw a family with two little girls who each wanted a kitten, and they gave them to the family.

Frost said he isn’t sure where the kittens came from, but he doesn’t think they just got loose. There aren’t any homes near where they were fishing, he said. He thinks someone might have just dumped them there.

Bro move.