Two Old Guys Trying to Kick the Living Shit Out of Each Other Is a Stark Reminder that Aging Blows

by 4 years ago

Every so often, a video like this comes along and it reminds me about the fragility of life and that my youth is fleeting. God, getting old is really going to suck the dirtiest of dicks. I’m not ready. Nor am I at all interested.

Right now I can still do anything I fucking please. I’m as able-bodied as they come. Limber as shit. Need me to play a sport on a moments notice? I’m there. Pain free (mostly — flag football after a long layoff shreds my goddamn groin apart). But it’s videos like this one of two old guys fighting and seeing elderly people who take a full minute to walk 25-yards across a street that hit me with a dose of reality. It’s coming. Old age is right around the corner and its ready and willing to fuck with my pursuit of happiness. I hope someone finds a cure soon.


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