These Sisters Are Suing SnapChat Because When You Google ‘SnapChat Sluts’ Their Picture Comes Up

Sarah and Elizabeth Turner (photoed above frolicking jovially on some sandy beach) are pissed off at SnapChat. In fact, they’re pissed to the point of suing the $10Billion app, because they were never paid to do the photo shoot for SnapChat and because now their faces have become the “faces” of the brand. No one tell the adorable little ghost fella that. He’ll be devastated. 

They are also kind of annoyed that when you Google “SnapChat sluts” their pictures come up. That leads us t the obvious question: WHO THE FUCK IS GOOGLING THAT?

According to TMZ:

Sarah and Elizabeth Turner claim in 2011 they were approached by Evan Spiegel, who at the time was a Stanford student and developing an iPhone App called “Picaboo.”

The girls say Evan convinced them to let him shoot pictures of them playing on the beach. They say it was a free favor … just to promote Picaboo. 

Fast forward to 2014.  Picaboo morphed into Snapchat — which the sisters claim is now valued at $10 BILLION. That playful bikini pic effectively became the face of the App.  

The girls are particularly pissed because Snapchat is now the premiere sexting App and they say they’ve been tainted by its tawdry reputation.

I’ve got to be honest here. At this point, I have probably seen the photo above two, maybe three dozen times associated with SnapChat. Not once have I committed their images it to memory. If you showed me it without the app, I would think it was the photo you get when you buy a new frame at WalMart. And I certainly would never recognize either of them on the street without A) one of them mentioning, and then showing me, the exact photo above or B) there is no B, these girls leave no impression in my head. Which is surprising since that one girl has a fierce donkey impersonation going for her.

I hate people who sue people for the sake of suing people, but once you read specifics the lawsuit, which Gawker posted, you realize these girls are likely going to get PAID. As you can read below, the sisters did the shoot for free because they were lead to believe these images would help Evan Spiegel with his class project for Picaboo, not to promote SnapChat. Oh yeah, they gon’ get paid.




[H/T Gawker via TMZ]

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