This Creepy Type Of Porn Sees An 8,000% Increase In Searches Only On St. Patrick’s Day

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If you haven’t seen any of the Leprechaun movies, I highly encourage you to at least watch the above clip before reading the rest of this post. No seriously, watch it. Did you watch it? Stop reading this and watch it. You did? Okay good, moving on.

Imagine that creepy little motherfucking Leprechaun going balls deep into some chick while you stand off in the background, masturbating furiously.

Does that sound like a fun time? Yes? No? No, right? Well that’s what basically happens on St. Patrick’s day, only you’re watching the Lep make fuck through a computer screen rather than in person, and the Lep in question only has a 50% chance of murdering his lay as opposed to 100% like the Leprechaun in the video clip up top. According to Mirror, porn searches for “St. Patrick’s Day”-themed footage increase by 8,000% on St. Patrick’s Day (who woulda thunk it), with other phrases like “green-haired actors” and “Irish redheads” also seeing a bump in search frequency:

However, these searches spiked by a whopping 8,142 per cent last year in the lead up to St Patrick’s Day.

And the trend is set to be repeated again this year – starting from yesterday, when searches for ‘leprechaun’ porn were expected to begin to rise.

… A site spokesman told the Mirror Online: “We checked to see what search terms increase significantly in the days surrounding St Patrick’s Day.

“Believe it or not, some people do search ‘leprechaun’ throughout the year, but it goes up 8,142 per cent and ‘St Patrick’s Day’ goes up 6,177 per cent.”

More specific terms – such as ‘Irish redhead’, ‘Irish cougar’, ‘Celtic’, ‘Clover’ and ‘green hair’ – also saw a large rise from March 14 to March 17, 2015.

On St Patrick’s Day itself, searches containing the term ‘Irish’ soared by an astounding 650 per cent, according to the site’s Insights team.

Meanwhile searches featuring the words ‘luck’ or ‘lucky’ rose by more than 200 per cent.(via)

Last year, Pornhub reportedly saw traffic increase by 11% out of Northern Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day, however the searches reach their peak on Thursday and declines from that date onward. And believe it or not, “leprechaun porn” is searched for year-round – regardless of whether or not people take into account that this:


…is actually what a leprechaun looks like. Fucking terrifying.

[H/T Mirror]

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