Tyrese Gibson Borrowed His Date’s Phone And Caught Her Googling His Net Worth, So He Put It On Instagram

If we’re to believe Tyrese Gibson, who later deleted the Instagram post below, the story goes like this…

Tyrese takes a girl out for Valentine’s Day. A random girl.

During their date, Tyrese’s phone dies so he asks to borrow his date’s phone in order to Google something.

She obliges. Of course she does. She’s on a fucking date with Tyrese for Christ’s sake.

When Tyrese opens up the browser on her iPhone he finds this…

Tyrese has since deleted the photo. So that tells me one of two things happened: 1) His story, which is famous people problems to THE MAX, or 2) He thought it would be cute to troll the Internet while also reminding us that he’s worth $25mil and someone called him out on his shit.

[H/T Unilad]