The Brilliant Will Block Baby Pictures from Your Facebook Feed

by 7 years ago

Friends, I have found the answer. 

It's called, and it's the best thing to hit the Internet since Facebook itself. Download the extension to Google Chrome, and it replaces any baby pictures that have sullied your Facebook feed with randomly generated photos from the Instagram feed of your choice.

Take look at how it works (and I should note here that despite my obvious enthusiasm, these guys have not paid me anything):

Unbaby gives you these set list of words and phrases to search posts for. You can add and delete any that you wish—if you know someone who is prone to overshare and is about to have a kid, add his or her name to the list.

Here's where Unbaby gets good. It automatically searches for any of the above phrases and if they're connected to a picture, that picture is replaced by the Instagram feed you've chosen. The standard feed is for “cats” but that's dumb. I changed it to “bikini.”

The Before post—a baby ruining my Facebook experience:

And now, the After.

Perfect. How about changing the Instagram feed to “bacon”?

Oh, that's good. rules.

One final suggestion to the people doing God's work at the app company—how about something for political messages? Maybe give us an option to search for words like “Romney,” “Obama,” or “Chick-fil-A” and then replace the posts with Rick Ross lyrics? We'll be in touch.

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