Car’s Dash Cam Captures Undercover Arrest So Here’s What That Craziness Looks Like In Real Life

by 11 months ago

I’ve never seen an undercover takedown in person. Probably because I don’t find myself in back alleys hanging out with people under surveillance for doing bad shit.

The chances of witnessing an undercover arrest in public are slim to none. Partially because they’re pretty rare on a day-to-day basis, so the odds of you seeing one are minuscule. Beyond that, these types of arrests happen extremely swiftly. The cops are on top of the perp before they know what’s happened. Combine the speed of arrest and the rarity of this method and we’re back to all agreeing that the chances of seeing an undercover arrest in real life are virtually nonexistent.

Thankfully, for all of us who have never witnessed this rare type of arrest in person, we are living in the age of YouTube. This driver managed to capture an arrest at a red light where the cops trapped in a vehicle and pounced on it out of nowhere. Somehow, this driver had the presence of mind to step on the gas and high-tail it out of there as quickly as possible, and the cops didn’t seem at all interested in someone fleeing the scene which is equally remarkable.

I feel like if I was in that situation and gassed it out of there I’d be getting bullet holes through my rear windshield in a heartbeat, don’t you?

(h/t DIGG Video)

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