This Is the Most Unhealthy Meal You Can Order In America and It Looks Fucking Delicious

by 5 years ago


Congratulations, Red Robin. It must be a true honor knowing that your MONSTER burger and it’s accompaniments of bottomless fires and a MONSTER shake have won the highly sought after top prize of the most unhealthy meal in the country. What goes largely unmentioned is that it also took home the superlative of “the meal most likely to make you take a MONSTER shit within seconds after eating it.”

The meal totals 3,540 calories and, if I do say so myself, it looks fucking succulent. That’s not to say that Red Robin is wearing this distinction as a badge of honor, though. They want you to know you can still watch your figure while dining at one of their establishments (that is, if you even know where a Red Robin is — I don’t).

According to the video below, a spokesperson for Red Robin said the fast food establishment also offers many healthy options. They then went on to list those options instead of just saying, “We have healthier options, but if you order this particular meal in the year 2014 and think that’s a sound nutritional decision, you fucking deserve heart disease.”

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