11 Unreal Recipes Involving Bacon That You Must Try Immediately

A former co-worker of mine had a rock solid theory about food — there’s nothing that doesn’t go great with either bacon or peanut butter. It’s hard to refute. Trust me, I’ve tried, but any food that comes to mind wouldn’t be bad with either salty meat or sweet mashed nuts.

Heck, bacon even goes great with beef jerky. I’ve eaten both at the same time. That’s why it only makes sense that Bacon Jerky from Slim Jim is now available. It might be the best combination with bacon ever, plus it’s portable and is a perfect snack anywhere at any time. I’ve yet to dunk it into peanut butter. That might melt the Earth. I’d feel responsible.

Back to bacon — in the years since my co-worker made this claim, I’ve noticed more and more restaurants and recipes adding bacon. Either they found out about his theory or the dude runs every restaurant and food blog in the world. He was lazy so that’s doubtful.

I scanned the web for the weirdest and most delicious sounding recipes that involve the earth’s most perfect food. Here are my favorite bacon-infused foods that YOU MUST TRY IMMEDIATELY.

Dark Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes — dark chocolate is good for you. Bacon is delicious. Cupcakes can cure cancer. This is a win all around.

Bacon Meatball Sandwich — Even your old school Italian grand mom would agree that she wishes she thought of adding bacon to her balls.

Bacon and Chocolate Chip Cookies — these could be given as gifts. “Thanks for inviting me to your expensive wedding. Instead of money, here!” I bet the happy couple asks you to join them on the honeymoon.

Bacon Banana Bread — Banana bread was already a great breakfast idea but this just puts the baked treat over the top.

Mini Bacon Apple Pies — The only negative to this recipe is the word MINI

Maple Bacon Pepper Jelly — What do you put on your bagel? Cream cheese? Butter? Not anymore, jack!

Candied Bacon & Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies — Is it legal to marry food? If so, I’m moving there.

Blue Cheese Dip With Bacon & Carmelized Onions Bring this to a house party or tailgate and you’ll be invited back for the rest of your life. You’ll just have to keep bringing the dip.

Apple Bacon Coleslaw — This might be the only side to a sandwich that would make people forget about the sandwich.

Twix Bacon Cookies — It’s the theory of bacon and peanut butter come to life! Will the earth survive!?!?

Bacon Bombs — I love living in a world where a thing called a “bacon bomb” exists, don’t you?

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